Every business entrepreneur faces some crossover with their operational challenges: we all need funding and stability to ensure our venture grows, flourishes and thrives. But what exactly are the crucial aspects of a trucker’s operation that require the type of funding that’ll help you truly grow your business? What can help owner-operators gain peace of mind and sleep well after a long haul on the roads for hours, days and weeks at a time? Let’s start with the first and if not one of the most important: fuel.

Tip #1: Buckle up, Fill ‘er Up & Haul That Load Safe, Sound and Swiftly: Fuel Cards & Fuel Advances
It’s been a few months of contemplating how to manage your funds and you’ve noticed the one thing that keeps coming up on your expenses spreadsheet in mass amounts: fuel charges – (side tip: ensure you document all income and expenses for government and tax filing purpose, plus to leverage your knowledge of how your funds are being distributed and managed for the business). So why is it that what seems to be the most obvious need and resource for an owner-operator is the one that doesn’t offer any discounts, despite volume purchases and fill ups? Wrong, you’re just not using the right resources yet to give you the best fuel rates on the market.
The best invoice factoring companies that are truly leaders in the industry will support your fuel needs, and their rewards and benefits are designed to target owner-operators and drivers just like you. So what’s the catch? I mean why should just anyone with a trucking venture or that’s a part of one be entitled to fuel discount? Welcome to the future, where business operations for truckers are now viably supported by top factoring companies that offer outstanding fuel perks. With excellent rates on thousands of fuel providers and gas stations nationwide, top invoice factoring companies are offering everything from instant charge and use cards that are accepted nationwide, to advances and all the way to discounts at truck stops on everything from fuel to food.

Tip #2: Administration: Invest in Back Office Solutions To Save & Grow Your Business
Every business must follow it’s regulated protocol and procedures, and for a new trucking business and your first time as an owner-operator, or even as a veteran or growing business owner, administrative procedures are taxing and stressful. Why bother wasting your time and energy on addressing any documentation, filing, paperwork and protocol when there are ways for you to optimize your time and let someone else do the dirty work for you? Who wants to deal with chasing customers, managing expenses, documenting and dealing with accounting processes and reporting financial stats to government agencies? Well, for starters we do.
If you ask some truckers using a top invoice factoring company’s services what gives them peace of mind when annual tax reports, administration and finance management comes around, a good majority will tell you one thing, “I don’t have to do it!” Yup, handling all of the drama and hassles of back office work is something that might just be worth handing over to the pros. And with a minor investment that’ll yield awesome return on your funds, let the pros manage your back office operations, so you can focus on what you and only you do best: driving and growing your business with new clients, new bills of lading and just getting back behind the wheel to make money.

Tip #3: Invoice Factoring: Get Paid Today and Never Worry About Customer Payments Again
Alright, we spilled the beans and said it – factor your invoices. And while you might be thinking to yourself, “hey you guys are an invoice factoring company for truckers, so why bother mentioning the service in a blog post?” Think again and read just a tad more. What might seem obvious to some of the more experienced owner-operators that are reaping the benefits of exceptional invoice factoring service providers, others have yet to discover what a world of opportunity opens up to you and your business with cash flow and timely payments.
Invoice factoring offers you optimal cash flow so that you never have to hunt down customers for payments ever again. Yes, you will never need to worry about getting paid on time by simply selling a leading invoice factoring company your invoice for a really small sum. Think about it: how many times have you called the CEO’s mobile for a delivered load and wished his line wasn’t redirected to his personal secretary? Or what about massive freight deliveries that require endless emails to your customer’s accounting department? We feel your pain and hear you loud and clear. That’s why endless owner operators are truly leveraging their cash flow with invoice factoring. Professional organizations that specialize in invoice factoring know all of the tactics, strategies and protocol that’ll get you paid fast and safe. So why wait?

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